About EriK


Erik Dawson, The man , The Dream, The voice of pure Confidence. Exploring the world that Erik lives, you will be captivated by his eloquence and stature of Love Reincarnated. Look into his eyes, and one will see a soul that knows no boundaries. His vulnerabilities is what makes him strong. Given his style and grace, His remarkable royal attributes makes him marketable in any commercial, theatrical, or Fashion concept imaginable.


IMAGEROYAL,  physique stands at 6’1″, weights 160lbs, waist 31″, Inseam 33″, shoe size 10.5, Shirt size 15.5 m, Suits at 37 L.  And his baby face  makes it impossible to forget , as he warms the heart of anyone he meets, and graces them with his charm.  Erik is the standard in any marketing campaign, the face that sells products, and he knows it.

IMG_3164 Erik Dawson The American Model/Actor.  Inquires, please contact, BOOKIMAGEROYAL@GMAIL.COM  or 201-243-8495.


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